Mission Work

Below you will find pictures from a mission trip completed by South Edmonton, AB dentist Dr. Ryan Assaly and some of his team from Duggan Family Dental along with others from Edmonton and British Columbia.

During 6 clinic days we saw roughly 650 dental patients between 3 hygienists/dental therapists and 2 dentists. Performed around 550 Cleanings, and 650 Fluoride Treatments. Roughly 140 extractions and 400 fillings. Went through over 500 cartridges of Lidocaine (anesthetic) and 400 triple spill amalgam capsules. This is extremely good given that we set up and tore down 3 times and traveled to 3 different schools. Our numbers are comparable to better than the previous trip. Our volunteers really where awesome and worked amazing.

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In February-March of 2015, local dentists including Dr. Ryan Assaly and some staff from Duggan Family Dental went on a Medical/Dental Missions Trip to Guatemala. There they visited 3 towns seeing over 1100 people for medical and dental check-ups.

They helped educate those they saw on dental hygiene and proper care of their teeth, as well as giving them the dental treatment they needed.

Between the dentists that went they approximately saw around 300 dental patients, doing an estimate of 660 fillings, 280 extractions and many dental cleanings.

Dental treatment in this country is expensive and difficult for Guatemalans to access. We were able to help one lady by extracting her wisdom teeth for her, which would have cost her a half years salary to get them taken out by her local dentist in Guatemala.

We were able to provide many people with basic dental and medical work that would have been very difficult for these people to receive on their own. Below are some pictures taken from the trip.

Please enjoy this slideshow highlighting some of the events from our latest Mission Trip.

































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